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Battle to possess holy stones:

- In order to possess a holy stone of another clan, you have to break the guardian shields, which protect the portals to each successive map.

- Each clan’s own Holy Stone will be put in: Sohom Forest (Jinong), Manpok Falls (Fujin), or Gocheon Forest (Guanyin).

- Holy Stones taken from other clans will be but in: Gyochon Village (Jinong), Nangun Peak (Fujin), or Tanwak Forest (Guanyin).

- Yaoguai Stone will be put in Yoksu Village (Jinong), Junchu Valley (Fujin), or Wachon Village (Guanyin).

- The guild which possesses Yaoguai Stone will be attacked by monsters at 7:00 pm PST everyday. To protect stone, you must go to your clan's guard captain in town and click "Join Battle".
  If the stone is destroyed, it   is returned to Daesaha Temple. During this battle, Yaoguai Stone cannot be taken by other clans. Anyone can join this battle.

- If resistance battle is lost. The stone will go back to Desaba Temple (through Gyuwan Dungeon) and stay inactive for 2 hours.

- If you possess holy stones of other guilds, final striking power in monster hunting will be increased from 10% to 30%, according to the number of owned holy stones.

- In the case you possessing your own Holy Stone, the players lower than 70 in your clan will not be killed by the players from other guilds.

- If you do not possess the Holy Stone of your own, the final striking power will not be increased, no matter how many holy stones you have. Plus, the master level players’ PvE damage will be decreased by 20%.

- One hour from the time a holy stone is attacked, its health will be completely recovered.(In other words, to have another holy stone, you have to destroy it within 1 hour from the time it is attacked.)

- Whatever clan does the most damage gets the stone when it is destroyed.

- Once a stone is destroyed, it will remain inactive for 3 hours.

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