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To Occupy Formations:
If a player is not killed and stands in the center of the formation for 5 minutes then he has successfully opened the formation.

Amhang Valley (Lvl 30-49):
This is the battle for the Beogong Formation and is the first RvR arena which the players encounter in the game.
A notice will appear 10 minutes prior to opening, after that you have 3 minutes to enter after this Amhang Valley will be closed you won't be able to enter.
Benefits from occupying Beogong Formation:
Obtain 10% exp. Obtain Osada Hall training area. Monsters in here can drop Superior Tablet(unique) (this item gives x2 experience).

Samji Island (Lvl 50-69):
This is the battle for the Cheomu Formation.
Just like Amhang Valley this arena is a battle between the 3 factions for control.
Benefits from occupying Cheomu Formation: Obtain 10% exp. Obtain Jinmi Palace training arena.

Wargo Valley (Lvl 70-89):
This is the battle for the Gwangwon Formation.
Same as Amhang Valley and Samji Island. Benefits from occupying Gwangwon Formation:
Obtain 10% exp. Obtain Manhong Cave training arena.

Paldo Island (Lvl 100-112):
This battle arena is slightly different than previous battle zones.
In Paldo Island, players must fight 12 Guardian Monsters in order to enter the main fighting zone.
Once all monsters have been defeated a bridge will open and two factions battle each other for control of the Bongmu Formation. Restrictions:
Only 100 players allowed inside. If a faction wins Bongmu, the faction cannot enter again the next battle.
Benefits from occupying Bongmu Formation: Obtain 10% exp. 8cps

Samgok Valley (Lvl 100-112):
This is a bracket based fighting arena.
Players enter based on their level and fight for control of the Jeopung Formation. Brackets are: 100-102, 103-105, 106-108, 109-112.
Benefits from occupying Jeopung Formation: Obtain Big Lucky Ticket. These tickets have enhanced chance of getting a rare item.
Whoever opens successfully receives two tickets while everyone else receives one ticket.

Sangun Island (Master 1 - Master 33):
This battle arena is similar to Paldo Island. Only difference is that Sangun Island opens 6 times a day.
Benefits from occupying formation: Obtain 8cps.

Soiran Valley (Master 1 - Master 12):
This is a bracket based fighting arena similar to Samgok Valley but for Master levels.
Brackets are: M1-M3, M4-M6, M7-M9, M10-M12.
Benefits from occupying formation: Obtain Big Lucky Ticket. 2 for Occupier. 4 cps

Sinjay Temple (Master 13 - Master 33):
This is the bracket based arena battle for the Heolu Formation. Brackets are: M13-M17, M18-M22, M23-M27, M28-M33.
This PVP zone is unique because each player recieves 2X Contribution Points.
1 minute after a faction occupies the formation, monsters will spawn and the players will have 30 minutes to defeat them all before returning to their town.
Benefits from occupying formation: Obtain Godsend Lucky Ticket.

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