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Post by Admin on Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:52 pm

The guild leader needs to go to town and see the Gambler to buy a Guild Insignia:

 Create Guild Insignia Guild_10

Log out of the game and design your insignia using whatever image editor you have, I use Photoshop CS for mine.

1. Make an image 64x64 pixels Important! Make sure this is the image you want, you can only register it ONCE!
   It will be placed on little flags on your back similar to the GS ones.

2. If the file is a .gif to start with you MUST 1st save it as a .jpg before converting to .tga 

3. Save it with the filename MARK in 32bit mode (you must use a program capable of handling Targa files)
    no other file name will do it must be MARK the .tga is added by the conversion to Targa format.
    If you are using Photoshop you must select "Targa" from the format selection menu upon saving your image.
    You cannot simply type "MARK.tga" as it will not work.

4. Put it in your 12 sky folder default path is - C:\AeriaGames\12Sky\MARK.tga 
5. Logon to the game, goto your inventory and right click the guild Insignia to activate.
6. Select Guild by pressing G
7. Click on insignia and register (Uploads it) the image
8. Log off and back on again.
9. Open your inventory screen and click the top right uppermost flag to enable the insignia flags.

Well, if you have done that, congratulation!

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