Teacher-Student Relationship System

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Teacher-Student Relationship System Empty Teacher-Student Relationship System

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:31 pm

The Teacher-Student Relationship System is very useful for novice players.
The student can earn an average of 50% more experience points by killing monsters.
Teacher-Student Relationship Conditions and Methods

- Teacher: Master level 1 or higher
- Student: 111 or lower
- Method: Shift + Left Mouse Click to request
- Teacher-Student Relationship can be used with Superior Tablet/Superior Pill/Superior Time
- Benefit

The student can earn experience points by being in a full party of five players.
Both the teacher and student must be within each other's sight in the same map.
However, the student will gain only the experience points from the Teacher-Student System
even when in a party with other players. 
- Each 100,000 honor point can be converted to 1 Contribution Point.
- You need 2,000,000 honor point to receive an almighty item from NPC once.

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